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Ryan Taylor, a resident of Mertztown, PA, began his racing career at the age of 9.  Ryan’s interest in racing was sparked as he and his father, car owner Barry Taylor, were frequent visitors at Grandview Speedway.  Taylor explains, “My dad thought it’d be something good to create goals, occupy my time and keep me focused.  All around, a good thing to be involved in.”  And it all started the day his father brought home his first go-kart.  Barry and Ryan took a year to disassemble the kart and reassemble if from start to finish, so that Barry could teach Ryan all the aspects of building, and maintaining a racecar and not just driving it.

After three successful years in go-karting, he started racing slingshots at multiple local dirt tracks.  At the age of 14, Ryan progressed to modifieds at various tracks in New York and Pennsylvania.  After racing modifieds till he was 18 years old at the competitive Grandview Speedway, Ryan felt he was ready to progress to the elite by joining the central PA 410 sprint car racing circuit. 


Taylor’s sprint car debut, at Lincoln Speedway, was in March 2007 at the age of 18.  After his rookie season, Ryan ventured to Port Royal Speedway.  There he clinched his first sprint car feature win in August of 2008.   Taylor states, “Getting your first win in any class of racing is the hardest part.  It was one of the most emotional wins because it was the first win in the past seven years and at an elite level like 410 racing.  We kept progressing without letting not winning hold us back.”  Unfortunately, in 2009, after only three races into the season, a vicious wreck led Ryan to a broken back and having to sit out the rest of the season. 


The 2010 season brought on a new adventure for Taylor.  He added Williams Grove, one of the most competitive sprint car tracks in the country, periodically to his schedule.  He ran consistently throughout the year, but with no wins to add.  In 2011, the Ryan Taylor Racing team thought they were ready to be competitive in racing for the points championship at Port Royal.  The team had a great start to the season, finishing 7th  the first night out, winning the second race of the year, finished 2nd the third race, and continued to run consistently the rest of the season with a another win in August.  Ryan held onto the points led from the first race up until mid-season, dropping back to second, only to come back to first and ultimately lose the battle for the points championship on the last race of the season.  After a full season solely at Port Royal, the team decided to not run for a points championship at any one track, and instead, raced at both Port and the Grove.  Ryan added another win to his 410 racing career in August of 2012 at Port Royal Speedway, along with multiple top five finishes at both Port and the Grove.  A strong finish to the end of the year, Taylor qualified both nights at the National Open at the Grove.  With this momentum going into the off season, the team decided to focus on getting their first win at Williams Grove in the 2013 season.  Optimism was high at the start of the season as the team finished 2nd to Fred Rahmer on the first night out, along with two more consecutive top ten finishes.  Between part failures and what seemed like bad luck, Ryan and the team had to overcome a lot of setbacks over the next few months.  The season took a turn for the better in August after Taylor managed to capture the biggest win of his career to date, the Port Royal Dream race.  After the dream race, the team continued to run well, and in September, finally accomplished their goal.  Taylor managed to capture his first ever win in a history making finish at Williams Grove in the Billy Kimmel Memorial Race.  Taylor exclaimed, “This has been one of my goals in life.  We won the Dream Race at Port Royal, and we have been running here all year trying to win.  We finally accomplished this goal, and I couldn't be happier!” Since then, Ryan has picked up another win on the opening night of the 2018 season at Williams Grove Speedway. 


  1. Sunday 3/5 Port Royal

  2. Saturday 3/25 Port Royal

  3. Saturday 4/8 Port Royal

  4. Saturday 4/15 Port Royal

  5. Saturday 4/29 Port Royal

  6. Saturday 5/6 Port Royal

  7. Saturday 5/20 Port Royal

  8. Saturday 5/27 Port Royal

  9. Sunday 5/28 Port Royal

  10. Saturday 6/3 Port Royal

  11. Saturday 6/10 Port Royal

  12. Saturday 6/17 Port Royal

  13. Tuesday 6/27 Grandview

  14. Saturday 7/1 Port Royal

  15. Monday 7/3 Port Royal

  16. Saturday 7/8 Port Royal

  17. Saturday 7/15 Port Royal

  18. Tuesday 7/25 Grandview

  19. Saturday 7/29 Port Royal

  20. Saturday 8/5 Port Royal

  21. Saturday 8/19 Port Royal

  22. Saturday 9/2 Port Royal

  23. Monday 9/4 Port Royal

  24. Thursday 9/7 Port Royal

  25. Friday 9/8 Port Royal

  26. Saturday 9/9Port Royal

  27. Friday 10/13 Port Royal



A collection of RTR on track and off track photos

Ryan Taylor Racing-4
Ryan Taylor Racing-1
Ryan Taylor Racing-8

March 30, 2018 - Williams Grove Speedway; 410 Sprint Feature Highlights

Dirt Station
March 30, 2018 - Williams Grove Speedway; 410 Sprint Feature Highlights
March 30, 2018 - Williams Grove Speedway; 410 Sprint Feature Highlights

March 30, 2018 - Williams Grove Speedway; 410 Sprint Feature Highlights

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July 18, 2014 Williams Grove - WoO:  Kinser - Taylor  heat race.

July 18, 2014 Williams Grove - WoO: Kinser - Taylor heat race.

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The World of Outlaws' Natalie Sather Interviews Ryan Taylor at Williams Grove

The World of Outlaws' Natalie Sather Interviews Ryan Taylor at Williams Grove

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Williams Grove Speedway 410 Sprint Car Co-Victory Lanes 9-01-13

Williams Grove Speedway 410 Sprint Car Co-Victory Lanes 9-01-13

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Thank you to our sponsors who continue to support Ryan Taylor Racing, We're proud to be partners with all of them.  Without them we would not be able to do what we love.  

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